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Charmanique Gingles, RN, BSN, CSN started her college academic path with a BA degree in Biology, from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Upon graduating she worked at Johns Hopkins University. Later, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Accelerated Program.

Charmanique has worked and held supervisory positions in various settings, including a local pediatric hospital, local health department as a community nurse/certified school nurse/delegating school nurse, and local nursing homes. She has performed agency work for many local hospitals (medical-surgical, psyche, postpartum, rehab and more). And is also FEMA certified. 

Charmanique has enjoyed working with these populations, especially with elder care and children with special needs. This has caused her to pursue a second career as a Nurse Care Manager to further help these populations plan for their futures. 

With all of her extensive experience and passion for Elder Law, Tinkler Law LLC was honored to welcome Charmaniqueinto our teamin 2020. She is dedicated to working with our staff to provide high quality and client centered care leading to optimal outcomes and client satisfaction. 

Charmanique stays active caring for her teenage son and parents. She enjoys walks, movies and cooking. She is eager to help all clients reach the goals that are best for them. Please take some time to meet her so she can help you reach your next goal in life. 

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