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Joann Tinkler, RN, WCCM, is a graduate of the college of Notre Dame of Maryland, with a BA in biology and minor in History. She later graduated from CCBC- Essex with an AS in nursing. JoAnn has nearly two decades of experience working as a nurse at local hospitals, including The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has extensive training and experience as a nurse in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, and surgical departments respectively. Her experience includes holding supervisory nursing positions in each of those areas, and working with clients in distress. In addition, she has practiced as a case manager for more than five years at a major private firm, providing individualized continuity of care for clients throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

JoAnn is a zealous advocate for her patients. She knows the importance of helping people to get the best care possible. And has worked hard to ensure that the care of her patients is individualized to his/her needs, circumstances, and offered in the most appropriate setting. She is a strong believer in the power that positive thinking has in the treatment and care of clients and families in distress.

JoAnn finds the act of improving the quality of a clients circumstances to be very fulfilling. Her favorite part of the job is collaborating with clients, medical staff, and support staff to help create a plan that helps each client live their lives to the fullest.

Ms. Tinkler spends her free time with her teenage son and family.

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