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Long-Term Care Planning

What is Long-Term Care Planning?

Planning for what happens to you as you age.  This is a process that you should start well before you need it!  Preferably, at least 5 years prior any long term care needs.

As long-term crises occur without notice, it is usually best to have a plan in place as early as your 40's.  At the very least, having a completed plan prior to mid-seventies can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in monthly fees for long-term care insurance.

When do people need long-term care?  Long-term care services are usually needed when someone has a disability, or a severe ongoing illness.  In both cases the inflicted person is unable to care for their own needs.

What are long-term care services?  These are typically services that include daily responsibilities and activities, such as: toileting, getting in and out of bed, eating, bathing, dressing, grooming and other things related to regular daily activities.

Who provides long-term care services? These types of services can be provided by many different people and practitioners, including (but not limited to) family members, doctors, nurses, therapists and other helpers.

Where are long-term services provided? Services can be provided nearly anywhere, including in your home, on-line (i.e. virtual), hospitals, offices, rehabilitation facilities, local parks, in the community, etc.

How to get started? Contact us today to start planning for your long-term care services.


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